Launchpad is
mission control

Meet the future of B2B Product Management.
AI-powered operations and analytics from idea to iteration. running on iPad

Built from our experience scaling impactful products and teams at

    • Productboard
    • Amazon
    • Capital One
    • Skyscanner

Measure, build, learn

Unlike any product management system you've used before. Connected to your teams, data, and customers.


Track impact and performance

Benchmarked reporting across all initiatives and products measuring adoption and delight.


Stay aligned and on track

Reduce risk, streamline go-to-market workflows, and effortlessly engage stakeholders.


What's working, what's not

Launchpad AI automatically keeps the entire organization informed about launch impact.

Frequently asked questions

    • How does Launchpad calculate demand?

      Launchpad calculates Demand by using the number of relevant unique site or communication views from the target segment population. Each Launch defines specific events relevant to that product release.

    • How can Launchpad help my team?

      Companies using Launchpad experience improved product alignment, streamlined product operations, and increased product success. With Launchpad, product teams can save hours of work by automating product operations and gaining real-time insights into in-flight initiatives and product launches.

    • How can I get started with Launchpad?

      Getting started with Launchpad is easy. Sign up, connect your existing tools, and begin using Launchpad in under 15 minutes.

    • What is Launchpad and what does it do?

      Launchpad is an AI-powered web app that helps teams at product-led companies stay aligned on traction and impact.

    • Is Launchpad easy to use?

      Yes, with Launchpad product teams no longer need to manually track progress and metrics across multiple tools. By connecting Launchpad with product analytics and development tools, teams have real-time insight into in-flight initiatives and product launches.

    • How does Launchpad calculate adoption?

      Each launch has its own Adoption Criteria (AC) metric defined with an event. Adoption is 1-4 events and Retention is 5+ events. The AC Metric is the number of users completing the event over the total users in the segment population.

    • How does Launchpad help collaboration?

      Launchpad helps teams collaborate more effectively by providing visibility into product initiatives and through an always-on, centralized system for product operations. With Launchpad, teams can quickly identify and respond to product issues and share progress updates with stakeholders in real time.

    • Can I use Launchpad on my phone?

      Yes, Launchpad is a responsive web application. You can use it on any of your preferred devices from phone to tablet to laptop.

    • Is Launchpad flexible and customizable?

      Launchpad offers flexible workflow design to work with any product organization, along with workspace-wide segmentation and metrics.

    • How does Launchpad use AI?

      Launchpad uses machine learning (ML) algorithms to automate the process of combining project updates, tasks, feedback, and analytics. The ML models then streamline both ideation and reporting, learning from continued use and tailored specifically to each workspace.

    • How does Launchpad calculate delight?

      Launchpad calculates Delight using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric. NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. Launchpad calculates the NPS for each Launch.

    • What integrations does Launchpad have?

      Launchpad integrates with many existing tools and systems used by product teams, including data warehouses (Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery), product development (Github, Linear, Jira), CDPs (Segment, Amplitude), and real-time communication (Slack, MS Teams). See our roadmap for additional integrations.

    • What about security and privacy?

      Launchpad is end-to-end encrypted, with row-level security. Launchpad is CCPA/GPDR-compliant, with US and EU Data Centers.

    • Does Launchpad offer custom integrations?

      Our team works with customers to integrate with their specific systems. We also offer an API for customers who want to build their own.

    • Does Launchpad replace product ops?

      No, Launchpad helps product operations managers streamline operations with consistent, data-informed best practices without additional headcount. By removing admin work, Launchpad enables product operations managers to focus on high-leverage activities.

Functionality that scales with you

Launchpad is free for up to 10,000 Tracked MAUs.


Mission control for early-stage startups


  • Up to 10,000 Tracked MAUs
  • Data & Delivery Integrations
  • 5 Product Teams
  • 10 Initiatives
  • 10 Goals
  • 10 Metrics
  • API Access
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Perfect for scaling startups

$200 / team

  • Up to 25,000 Tracked MAUs
  • Everything in Startup, plus...
  • 10 Product Teams
  • 20 Initiatives
  • 20 Goals
  • 100 Metrics
  • Data and Project Backfill
  • Onboarding Session
  • Permissions
  • Dedicated Support
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For multi-product organizations

$350 / team

  • Over 25,000 Tracked MAUs
  • Everything in Scaleup, plus...
  • Unlimited Product Teams
  • Unlimited Initiatives
  • Unlimited Goals
  • Unlimited Metrics
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Dedicated Success Manager
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